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Coaches, today's epic three hour long episode is up for a limited time only. This podcast training will come down on Friday morning as we officially close the doors on the PT Profit Formula until this fall. You don't want to miss it.
This training is jam-packed with everything that you need to jumpstart your health and wellness business and grow to consistent $10k months.
First up is Training #1: How to Build Automatic Money in Your Business. During this first segment, I unpack the truth about what actually goes into a successful coaching business online so that you can stop trading dollar for hour. Doing so will enable you to leverage your time to earn more money while working less from anywhere in the world.
In Training #2: How to Get Consistent Leads With Your Content, I’ll show you how to craft ethical and persuasive content that attracts, connects, and converts ideal clients. And if you know me, you know I put an emphasis on "ethical" because if you're reading this, I bet you're looking to grow more comfortable selling without ever veering into the world of sleaze or smoke and mirrors.
In the final section of this extended bonus episode, Training #3 covers the 4-Step Blueprint to Consistent $10-$20k Months. During the final stretch of this ep, I'll dive into how to assemble a system that helps you generate more revenue inside of your business even without a massive advertising budget.
This episode has expired. Interested in its contents?
to learn some of what was inside!
You do not want to miss this extensive training that will come down on January 14th. Once you catch up, be sure to check out these coaching opportunities to work directly with me:

PT Profit Formula - A complete step-by-step proven process to help you start and build a profitable health and wellness business. Implement a proven system that consistently generates leads and customers inside your fitness business so that you can fill your client schedule and sell out your products.

PT Profit Accelerator - A 12-month coaching mastermind intensive designed for high performing health and wellness professionals who are ready to scale to multiple six figures without working harder.



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