How to Train Golfers with Andrew Hannon

Have you ever found yourself in a spot where you needed your client to trust the process? To know that good things take time?

Andrew Hannon trains highly competitive golf professionals AND everyday people. He's worked closely with brands like Adidas as well as worked with a number of elite golfers on the PGA & LPGA tour.

Among his experiences, he's had a lot of instances where a client sees something on Instagram and asks "why aren't we doing that?" 

In a scenario like this it's a high level of communication and context that sets him apart. Andrew has built his following on IG through clearly demonstrating innovative exercise selection consistently over many years. While it might not always be exercises he's used with all of his clients, it's his willingness to show up on the platform consistently that's paid off over time.

Andrew values being able to empower people with a sense of trust in the process. Giving others a sense of ownership over how to progress enables his clients to benefit from working with him consistently.

Having worked with some of his people for 6+ years, they've had to be able to see the progress in their game and take ownership that strength training isn't about quick fixes, it's about building a foundation and progressing over time.

As a new dad, Andrew has experienced his time and energy priorities shift. For any parents out there, this episode will resonate with you as Andrew takes great pride in his role as a father.

You're going to love this episode with Andrew Hannon! 



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About Today's Guest 

Andrew started as an athlete in a small town in Kansas where he participated in three sports in high school. His sports career continued at Baker University where he played baseball and basketball. During that time Andrew began to find his true passion for fitness and performance. While majoring in Exercise Science his knowledge on fitness and health continued to grow. Throughout his athletic career at Baker, he realized his strength performance goals could be reached by getting into weight lifting. After he graduated he knew that he wanted to share the knowledge he learned to help other people, and that’s where his personal training career started.

What Andrew loves about personal training is the fitness industry is always expanding and there is always something new to learn. The mindset and heart of an athlete, he continued to look for opportunities to continue his education with health and fitness. He embraced the learning and concepts of golf fitness and performance. He believes that the general public can benefit from the techniques and concepts of golf fitness training through mobility, flexibility, dynamic movement while throwing a twist with traditional strength and athletic movements. Andrew views health and fitness is not necessarily about looking ripped or toned year round with high intensity workouts, but about a life style change through active habits, maintainable nutritional choices, and a healthy mind set of self-worth.

Andrew loves working with all types of people, and enjoys creating valuable interpersonal relationships that can help clients exceed their goals. He enjoys learning about his clients to ensure a fun, motivational and fulfilling workout.

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