Community Building Inside A New Gym With Matt Ferrara

Coaches, do you value a sense of community with the people you work with? It's a big part of building a business. Whether you're working with clients online or in person, you are going to love this episode with "Coach Matt" aka Matt Ferrara who is co-owner of Ascent Training and Performance in Concord, New Hampshire with his Fiance Anna Duncan.

The atmosphere they strive for at Ascent is one of inclusivity, belonging and connection. If you aren't typically one who socializes with the group, this is a community that helps you find your voice while also being the strongest version of yourself.

This was a great conversation filled with takeaways for any passionate coach in the industry. Tag us on social and let us know what you think!




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About Today's Guest 

Matt loves coffee, dogs, and being outdoors.

He originally got into training as a way to battle his own inner demons and hasn’t looked back since. From then on, it has been his passion to help people build the strongest version of themselves both inside and outside of the gym.

He received his bachelors degree in Exercise Science from Bridgewater State University, where he also met his lovely fiance Anna Duncan. During his time there he was exposed to the collegiate level of strength and conditioning with an internship at Bryant University. Although grateful for that experience and all of the knowledge that came with it, he realized that this career path wasn’t for him.

Instead, he struck out into the private sector hoping to make a difference in the lives of everyday people. He began by sleeping on a friend's couch while commuting into Boston to work, before eventually moving into the highly competitive training environment of the city. If you throw a rock in Boston you will hit a great trainer, and he will always be grateful for the level of coach that it pushed him to be.

Once reaching the peaks of coaching in Boston, he realized that something was missing from his life. he grew up in the Berkshires working on a farm over the summers to pay for college. He missed the openness and the freedom of the outdoors, and he and Anna decided to move out of the city and north to Concord, New Hampshire.

It is Matt's passion to deliver the best possible coaching experience to his clients and to teach them the tools to build strength in all aspects of life.

Learn more about Matt and his fiance Anna here!

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