Mace Training with a Scoliosis and a Fused Spine with Teresa Teuscher

Coaches, just a reminder, you don't have to let an obstacle define you. You are capable of success! You're going to feel empowered after this episode.

Teresa Teuscher is the perfect example of resilience and determination having been diagnosed with scoliosis and living with a fused spine. Through consistent effort and patience, she found a way to help people through the obstacles she's overcome in her own fitness journey. Now she works with a diverse group of people helping them achieve feats of strength they were never able to do before.

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About Today's Guest


Teresa Teuscher is a native New Yorker who grew up in a theatrical family. As a young girl, she studied ballet at The American Ballet School & Joffrey Ballet. At the age of 10, she was diagnosed with Scoliosis which would lead to surgery. Due to limited post surgery physical therapy treatments, she developed her own exercises & methods on how to move.

This would result in her keen interest in the body & exploring the most effective techniques & principles of her physical well being, while coming to terms with the emotional challenges of her body's limitations.

After her daughter was born, she became a personal trainer & group fitness instructor. She works with a diverse group, ranging from teenagers (including her daughter who was diagnosed with Scoliosis), adults & mature adults.

Some of her specialties include being able to relate to her clients who are emotionally challenged by their physical limitations.

Her mission & goal is to empower people to move safely & pain free. She customizes effective, challenging and fun workouts of strength, mobility & flexibility training using different modalities. When you work with her, you will learn how to use kettle bells, free weights, body weight (perfect for traveling) & have fun.

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