The Truth About Building Durable and Resilient Humans with Ed Williams

Ed Williams is a coach and teacher who helps people build durable and resilient humans. He believes in a contrarian approach to self-care and pushing oneself in a way that is fun, safe, and helpful. Ed shares his story of how he got into this work, as well as how he serves his clients.

Ed Williams has been in the fitness industry for over 21 years and serves as an educator for personal trainers and coaches.

He is also passionate about helping high school athletes recover from injuries. He believes that fitness is about being resilient and finding ways to be strong and durable.

In order to build a resilient human, it is important to have a positive outlook and to be truthful. It is also important to learn and continue to evolve in order to be successful. 

Ed believes that people are more resilient than they give themselves credit for, and that strength training is a positive tool for building strong, resilient people. He also believes that the message of people being weak and fragile will never work in the space of helping people, especially when it comes to strength training.



0:02:30 Building Resiliency in Fitness

0:04:17 The Importance of Building Resilience in Humans

0:05:40 The Benefits of Strength Training for Building Resilient People

0:07:14 The Power of a Good Coach: How to Push Boundaries and Transform Lives

0:11:48 The Principles of Building a Durable, Resilient Human

0:13:36 The Importance of Integrity and Hard Work

0:14:48 The Three Pillars of Success

0:16:32 The Importance of Setting Boundaries

0:19:15 The Benefits and Drawbacks of a Fast Lifestyle

0:21:41 The Importance of Environment in Achieving Success

0:22:51 The Impact of Environment on Resilience and Results

0:24:32 The Importance of Creating a Conducive Environment for Success

0:26:04 The Biggest Mistakes New and Intermediate Coaches Make

0:27:52 The Importance of a Good Foundation in Fitness

0:31:27 The Power of Communication in Coaching

0:35:07 The Power of Consistency in Learning and Growing

0:36:44 The Benefits of Falling Down and Getting Back Up

0:38:08 The Importance of Training Hard and Measuring Progress

0:43:57 The Importance of Pushing Past Perceived Barriers

0:45:48 The Impact of Specialization in the Fitness Industry

0:47:04 How to Create a Lasting Brand in the Fitness Industry


"That's our biggest challenge as coaches, young or seasoned. Part of that is pushing people past that first perceived barrier to get them believe and get some buy into what it is that you're actually going after that people are capable of far more than they think."

"I've been around the industry long enough to see that pendulum and have seen it swing back and forth violently hoping that it would come somewhere in the middle. And clearly we're still swinging the pendulum back and forth."

"If I can't push you outta your comfort zone enough to raise your ceiling of where you understand that you are, then there is no purpose. If you can just go do that by yourself. So if me as a coach, I'm not pushing outside your comfort zone, making you tap into places and realize that you can do things you didn't think you could do. And that doesn't have to be super scary, right? We're not throwing you off the cliff, off a bridge somewhere. It's no, you can be tired when you take two more steps. Those two more steps for somebody that really didn't think they could take another step. Hopefully the gate for the next 5, 6, 7, 10 steps because you break through that ceiling."

"You're weak, you're gentle, you're frail. These kinds of things. All of a sudden when they realize that no, I am strong, physically strong as well, it just builds something very different in terms of empowerment for most people, especially women. I've watched that transform personalities, attitudes."

"So the kids falling down and getting back up they're determined to walk, and if those of you that have not been around kids, if you help them up too often or you make a big deal out of their fall, you stunt their growth."

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About Today's Guest 

Ed Williams is a Strength Coach and Educator who has trained athletes and consulted with coaches in the industry for over 2 decades. He's a husband and a father of four kids and prides himself in making people realize how strong they are.

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