The NEW Way to Niche

Hey Coaches! The traditional methods of finding a niche are outdated and may be preventing you from growing your business. Coaches should focus on finding a niche based on their values and the impact they want to create. Think about the common problems you can solve and what makes your services unique. Once you have identified these components, you can then find the ideal client you want to serve.

The surface level ways of connecting with an audience, such as narrowing in on a certain demographic are outdated. Instead, look at the individual experience of each person and use that to connect with them. This is a way to stand out in the industry and find ideal clients. It is important to look at the individual experience of each person so that you can connect with them in an authentic way and stand out in the space.

In this episode we talk about how to find one's niche without feeling constrained by traditional methods. The new way to find a niche is to get specific in four different areas.

The first of these areas is getting specific with the problem that the business is trying to solve. The second is to create a unique solution or process. The third is to get specific in one's target audience and the fourth is to get specific with the language used. This is a way to connect with one's ideal client and cut through the noise.

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Exploring How to Connect with Your Ideal Clients and Stand Out in Your Industry



"Unlocking the Power of Specificity in Training and Nutrition: A Discussion on Habits, Processes, and Outcomes"



"Finding Your Niche Through Specific Language and Psychographics"



"The Benefits of Being Specific When Serving Health Professionals"


"But when you start layering in your context your unique mechanism based on principles, you start to transcend into a new market, a market of one and its specificity. And you'll be able to communicate that type of specific process way of solving the problem and you'll start to cut through the noise and stand out."

"And then the second way that you can niche is start to get very specific in your process. So you're going to create your own unique solution, your own unique mechanism.
Release trying to find your niche and instead get specific in one or more of these categories, and you will subconsciously connect with your ideal client, and they'll raise their hand and say, yes, you're for me."

"And when you are general, you are running the risk of speaking to no one and running the risk of leaving revenue on the table because your ideal client doesn't realize that you're for them."



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