“Best Of” Series: Raise the Fitness Industry Standard with Compound Performance

Uncategorized Oct 15, 2020

“Best Of” Series: Raise the Fitness Industry Standard with Compound Performance

Guests: Kyle Dobbs and Matt Domney of Compound Performance


In this installment of our “Best Of” Series, we look back THIRTY episodes to one of our most popular of the PT Profit podcast, Episode 6 with Compound Performance gurus Kyle Dobbs and Matt Domney, who share their thoughts on using critical thinking and communication to raise the standards of individual training programs and best serve your clients. 




  • The keys to successfully find a way to resonate with your clients
  • How the language you use to train your clients can be applied to any demographic and fitness level in the most efficient way possible
  • Ways to use your environment to give context to the information you provide 
  • The three most important Training Principles to build the bridge that gets them to where they want to go and ultimately increase training adherence
  • Why trying to prove how much you know can backfire on you and your client 
  • What you’re looking for when “reading the room” 

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