How to Build Mental Resilience for Athletes and Coaches

Uncategorized Oct 29, 2020

How to Build Mental Resilience for Athletes and Coaches

Guest: Dr. Lisa Lewis, EdD, CADC-II

Dr. Lisa Lewis is a licensed psychologist with a passion for strength training and fitness. Lisa specializes in working with athletes, athletically-minded and achievement-oriented clients who come to her practice to pursue a personal goal or enhance motivation to pursue goals. She also provides workshops and consultations for personal trainers and strength coaches, both for their own professional development, and to enhance their communication and motivational skills with their clientele. 

Lisa earned her doctorate in Counseling Psychology with a specialization in Sport Psychology at Boston University, and her doctoral research focused on exercise motivation. She is also a Certified Drug and Alcohol Counselor (CADC-II), and teaches psychology courses at Northeastern University. She currently provides psychotherapy and consultation services at her private practice in Brookline, MA, and online.




  • Why there is a stigma about the term “self-care” even though it’s one of the main struggles for trainers and coaches 
  • Why coaches need to know about how to deal with their clients’ from a psychological standpoint
  • Recognizing the different kinds of red flags in mental health that come up for clients, athletes, and coaches
  • How 2020 has changed how we look at mental health
  • Tips to getting and assessing data from a psychological perspective from your clients 
  • What dynamics are involved in understanding and accepting emotions

Dr. Lewis’ Website:

Dr. Lewis on IG 

Dr. Lewis’ “Psych Skills for Fitness Pros” Course

Dr. Lewis Recommends: The Lisa Feldman Barrett TED Talk 

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