How to Find Your Alignment in Life and Business with Cari Li

Uncategorized Nov 05, 2020

How to Find Your Alignment in Life and Business with Cari Li

Guest: Cari Li, founder, The Good Curves


In this episode, I got to learn all about the benefits of being in alignment with my friend Cari Li, a burnout recovery coach and alignment expert who helps people find that perfect balance to live better lives and thrive in their business. 

Cari helps individuals gain clarity and flow within their body, identity, and mission. Creating a powerful, unique force that helps individuals connect with their True Self, so that they can be courageous, confident, and powerful. An unconventional life of adventure paired with over a decade in coaching has allowed her to expedite the expansion and alignment process into a world of possibilities. 



In this episode you’ll learn:

  • What is alignment - and how to tell if you’re in it or not
  • The different kinds of resistance in our lives and its effect on our energy flow
  • How to determine what your value is and means to you - and why
  • Tips for assessing when you are giving to much energy away and also taking on the wrong energy
  • The meaning of a Quantum Leap in relation to your growth as a person
  • Why having a network to pull from and “staying in your lane”  with regards to your work is essential


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