The Truth About Manual Therapy with Dr. Nick Torres

What's up, coaches? We're back today with another brand new episode of the PT Profit Podcast with guest Dr. Nick Torres, the Manual Man.

In today's interview, we take a dive into manual physical therapy. Dr. Nick talks to me about the differences between manual therapy and more traditional physical therapy. We also talked about foam rolling and stretching and when/whether you should be doing it.



You'll hear us talk about:
- what "manual therapy" is.
- topics such as foam rolling and its uses as well as active stretching.
- the common red flags we should pay attention to when raised by our clients.

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About Today's Guest

Dr. Nick Torres had always been curious, constantly questioning what others believed to be facts and searching beyond traditional physical therapy for a deeper way to heal. So when he found himself in the small town of Steamboat Springs, Colorado, Nick feared he wouldn’t find anything new to learn. Little did he know, it was there he would start his journey to become The Manual Man.

It was in this small town that Nick happened to meet the Godfather of Manual therapy and founder of Institute of Physical Art Dr. Gregg Johnson. In the presence of Dr. Johnson, Nick witnessed pain cured with the slightest touch. Nick was humbled, and knew he had found the knowledge he was looking for - healing, with just your hands. He was invited to shadow Dr. Johnson as well as the other great therapists of Johnson & Johnson. For the greater part of a year, Nick watched their every move, learning how to heal with precision and intention.
Equipped with his newfound knowledge for healing and inspiration, Nick returned to the streets of NYC. It was there that he met Andreas Saltas, the Bodmechanic. Dr. Saltas & Nick worked side by side, exploring and imbuing the full potential of breath and its impact on posture and pain in the human body.
It was then that Nick had a revelation. It was only through the combination of breath, touch, and a constant thirst for knowledge that he could truly heal the world. He decided to step up and be what he was born to be: The Manual Man, committing himself to four cornerstone beliefs: LEARN, TEACH, LOVE, HEAL.

Now, Dr. Nick has a practice in NYC, and travels the world teaching, healing, and learning.

The Manual Man
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