Episode 1: Becoming a Better Fitness Professional

Uncategorized Jun 12, 2020

Welcome to the PT Profit podcast! 

Welcome to the PT Profit podcast! During this inaugural episode, we dive into how fitness professionals can improve their business models and why this is a topic so close to my heart. Live the life you love without resorting to sleazy tactics! 


  • The pressure that comes with being a solo-podcaster.
  • Setting the tone for this podcast.
  • Two pieces of advice that resonated with me.
  • Why I am passionate about the science of training.
  • The “selling” of training.
  • What I’m bringing to the table.
  • The lowered expectations set for mothers.
  • Receiving business coaching and mentoring.
  • Dealing with judgment.


“I’ve talked about how starting this podcast is actually a huge shift in my business.”

“You have to love the process more than you love the outcomes, because you’re going to be spending more time in the process than you are in an outcome.”

“Not only will you walk away knowing how to better package and better position...you will also learn, here, how to become a better fitness professional….”


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