How to Live a Limitless Life with Andy Ramage

Coaches, want to live a limitless life and help your clients do the same?

Andy Ramage is an advocate for the alcohol-free community. He stopped drinking 10 years ago and it changed his life for the better. Now he wants to inspire others to do the same. In this episode he defines a middle lane drinker as someone who drinks averagely, heavily, moderately or not at all, which is around 70% of the adult population in the Western world.

Andy believes that taking a break from alcohol can have a transformative effect on one's life. The conversation in this episode is about the fitness industry's all-or-nothing mentality and how it relates to alcohol. Andy shares about how he started drinking at 13 in order to fit in and how that led to a problematic relationship with alcohol. He explains how it felt like an elixir to fit in and how society's marketing and adults in their life made it seem like a great thing.

After getting injured at 20, he fell into the world of the stock market and without competitive sports in his life, he felt that alcohol was his go-to for settling social anxiety. This connection between social settings and drinking stayed strong throughout his life. This conversation is about the influence of social environments on drinking habits. Andy explains how he found himself in a very social drinking environment when it came to  entertaining clients, as well as spending time with friends and family. Though it was not excessive compared to his peers, it was still too much to lead a limitless life as he does today.

He emphasizes that what many people consider normal or moderate behavior is far from acceptable in terms of alcohol consumption. He explains that his story is important and should be heard by the 70% of the adult population who are in the middle lane of drinking, which means sometimes drinking moderately, sometimes heavily, and sometimes not at all.

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And so for me, I want my kids to be around an environment where they have to really go the extra mile to make that conscious choice where the choice becomes so conscious and it's not accidental.
The alcohol-free revolution is now you are gonna look like you are miles ahead of the game, even now miles ahead of the game by introducing this into your coaching, into your training.

If you are interested in, in performance and wellness, for me, foundationally a break from alcohol's gotta live in that package, hasn't it? It's gotta be in there with your meditations and your ice baths and your exercise and your nutrition.

You want the, the best performance, you wanna get the best results and, and this is the secret sauce for any of the trends listening. All of your clients will get better results.
In terms of the training side, I think if you can live and breathe that message, and again, it has to be part of your story, but if it is part of your story, live and breathe that message and see the results that you get and talk about the consistency that you now have, I think is a great place to start.




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About Today's Guest 

Andy is a former professional athlete, who following an injury which cut short his career, went on to co-create two multimillion-dollar city brokerages. But after achieving traditional “success” Andy was left feeling broken. He was unfit, unhealthy, overweight, stressed and unhappy.

Andy believed there had to be another way to be successful while staying super fit, healthy, maintaining a happy home life and doing it with a smile on his face. So, 10 years ago Andy went on an adventure to study the art of behavioural change and elite performance.

The techniques Andy uncovered transformed his mind, body, business and most importantly his relationships. Inspired, Andy firstly co-founded a world-leading behavioural change platform (OYNB) which is a 28,90 or 365-day alcohol-free challenge, inspiring over 100,000 people to transform their relationship with alcohol. And his latest venture, Seneca Performance is revolutionising corporate wellness through its unique mind, body and lifestyle management program for elite business professionals.

Andy is also the author of two best-selling books and is one of only a few coaches to hold a Masters degree in coaching psychology and positive psychology. Andy’s unique background, education and experience make him one of the world’s leading behavioural change experts and performance coaches. He also regularly speaks about behavioural change and peak performance.

Learn more about Andy Here:

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