The Human Component to Programming with Brandon Schultze

Brandon Schultze is an online coach and owner of Atomic Performance and Educator for Pre-Script® which is a principles-based education company dedicated to pushing the boundaries of human performance by forging better coaches and creating better athletes. During the interview he discusses the human component to coaching and programming, and how he got to where he is now. He started in the industry about seven years ago, initially as a personal hobby and love for working out and training. He has since developed a course around breathing and training. He shares his knowledge and skills to a younger training crowd as well as to people looking to improve their job. He talks about the importance of understanding the human component to training and programming.




What are some of the ways that you have continued to stay motivated and continued to educate yourself?


And that's kind of the fitness industry as a whole. It's like we kind of look in these directions that like, oh, my knee can't get over my toe so it must be my ankles that are the problem.


If that exercise that I'm prescribing isn't making a positive change to some other area of their fitness that I'm specifically implementing that exercise for. Like, if I'm implementing a squat or a split squat, like front foot elevated kind of goblet hold to help.


And so when it comes to making the decision to pivot and to measure performance, what are some of the baseline metrics that you keep in place? Meaning how do you determine whether or not it is stay the course type of performance or you need to pivot performance?


Right, but that active mobility or active range is going to be more applicable to your work with that client. So when they're moving in front of you, when you're prescribing exercises, getting an idea of how they move and their sort of default mode of moving is important for just prescribing exercise in general.



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About Today's Guest 

Brandon Schultze is an Edmonton-based Pre-Script® strength coach, and owner of Atomic Performance. His course specializes in breathing and its applications in training. He believes that it's the small things compounded over time that contribute most to performance. By breaking down the way each individual moves, we can expose areas of opportunity that when worked on, will give you the most out of your training and life.

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