Million Dollar Low Ticket Memberships with Allison Hollinger

You're going to love this episode, coaches. Allison Hollinger sits down to talk to me today about beginning with zero followers and building to a community of 35,000 strong. She shares tips of how to keep up with the game, which is constantly changing in this online space and dives into how she stays relevant on social media platforms that introduce new functions left and right. In addition to discussing how she built her community, we also talked about how she was able to manage that growth, and she also shared her tips on how she was able to find the right team to help run her business.

You'll hear Allison talk with me about:
- Adapting and staying relevant in the ever-changing social media landscape.
- How to set prices for your services.
- The importance of having a support team to spark creativity.


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About Today's Guest

Allison Hollinger is a healthy recipe creator and founder of...

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