Finding the Perfect Athletic Fit with Jake Boly

Jake and I had a lot of fun with this one and you're going to want to tune in.

If you are a consumer of shoes and apparel, this episode is a must listen! Jake brings his years of experience in writing and his credentials as a coach into his work every day.

You might find that shoe and apparel reviews are hard to filter through because you never see anyone actually use the product for its intended purpose, Jake has created something better. Perhaps you notice the reviews you've seen don't reference the features that might be helpful for specific tasks. It might appear like all the reviews you've seen in the past are incentivized so you don't feel like you can trust anything anymore. Jake is changing the game! 

Learn about the importance of being able to back up the context of content as a means to raise the standards of the industry. By supporting content that's created with integrity, we get more resources that can make things easier as fitness professionals.


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