Pivotal Career Moments with Cameron Puls

Whether this is the year you take a leap of faith in yourself or perhaps you never considered the possibilities of what you could do with your specific skillset, this is the episode for you.

The future is very bright and full of promise for smart and passionate fitness professionals. Cameron shares with us how trust and communication skills have shaped his career and helped him to surround himself with mentors and inspiring colleagues alike. 

Cameron's insights into the gaming and ESports world give us a look into what the future could like with regards to the need for physical therapists and strength coaches in more than just the traditional sports settings. 

There are a lot of powerful moments in this episode so we can't wait for you to tune in. When you do, please screenshot and share it and tag @bsimpsonfitness and @cameron_puls.pt on Instagram. We'd love to know who you are and chat about your takeaways!


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