The Personal Side of Training with Chris Liddle

If you are new to the fitness and wellness space or just starting your own business, this episode might be for you.

Today our guest is Edmonton, Alberta based, Chris Liddle. What stands out most about Chris is how he has leveraged his personality and authentic presence on social media to not only grow his professional network in ways that have benefited his personal development but also to connect with new clients and have strong connections in remote coaching.

Chris is a very values-based coach that cares deeply about the people he works with and models himself after mentors who lead by example. There will be a lot you may relate to in this episode but the thing that might stand out to you most is that while it feels good to impress your colleagues, at the end of the day the person you owe your energy to is your clients and the people who support you directly.

Enjoy this episode and be sure to share it with a friend!


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Heart-Centered Coaching NBA Athletes with Mike Guevara

Coaches, it is my pleasure and my privilege to introduce you to the passionate and kind-hearted Mike Guevara. Coach Mike G serves the competitive playing field that is the NBA. During our conversation, he dives into his athletic background and experience moving into the world of professional sports. If I've got any aspiring pro basketball players listening, then this episode is definitely for you because Mike and I discuss the process of being drafted into the NBA.

Coach Mike G exudes qualities that all great personal trainers should have: compassion, kindness, and overall caring nature. During our talk, he talks to me about client-trainer relationships and how things such as trust and compliance need to be earned. It is important to meet your clients where they are at when they are celebrating and in pain.

We also went into early specialization and accessibility. We all know that not every one has access to high-level sports clubs and teams growing up. Mike and I talk about...

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