Tik Tok Growth with Rachel Pedersen

This episode is packed with value! The "Queen of Social Media" joins us to talk all about TikTok, making content for multiple platforms, showing up authentically and creating a hook in your content that gets people to engage with you.

We went over SO much and we actually have a fun additional resource for you. Rachel mentioned 10 Hooks for TikTok in the episode any you can get the resource right here!

If you are struggling to create content or hesitant to get started on TikTok, this episode is for you.





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About Today's Guest 

 Rachel Pedersen is a Social Media and Digital Marketing Strategist who partners with entrepreneurs to create disruptive, creative campaigns that generate exponential returns.

Rachel overcame the statistical odds as a college dropout, alcoholic, and single mother in poverty and has dedicated herself to creating life-changing business growth that emulates the...

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How To Close More Sales Faster

business clients leads sales Jul 05, 2022

Put yourself in your client's shoes. Imagine you're at the mall to buy a pair of jeans, how does that sale happen? Do you say yes to the first person that has jeans, or does it take time to get used to the idea that you need them? Are you inclined to get a shirt that matches? Is that something you'd be more likely to get if someone suggested it?

How many times have you had a problem you wanted to solve but when someone tried to give you the solution, you didn't know how it was going to help you?

We talk about all this and more in this quick solo episode. Share it on social if you found it valuable! Tag @bsimpsonfitness on IG!





Don't forget to leave us a review on Apple Podcasts.

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