The Truth About Pole Dancing with Dalijah Amelia

Today's guest and I coincidentally worked at the same gym in Manhattan, just at slightly different times! I am so thrilled to introduce you all to Dalijah Amelia. We have a fantastic discussion about her journey in movement that led to a pole class that changed her life.

In this episode, we talk all about Pole Dancing and all about body confidence. We all know that there is stigma attached to pole dancing, so Dalijah dives into some misconceptions about it for me and added that it's a very rewarding thing to do. More and more people are getting to know pole dancing as a creative outlet and fitness regimen, and pole dancing has allowed her to travel across the world. Dalijah also shares her knowledge on why people are interested in pole dancing as well as information about some tricks and more challenging moves.

You'll hear:
- Misconceptions about pole dancing.
- Difference between a pole dance for fitness and pole dance competition
- Things to pay attention to when you are a...

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