How to Speak to Sell Using Conversion Stories with Colin Boyd

Smart coaches and professionals make an incredible impact on their clients and community through the work they do. There is no doubt. 

Have you ever wondered what it is that sets the most successful business owners apart from those that struggle?

It often happens at each point of contact. Presentations, speaking events, podcast appearances, discovery calls to name a few.

Instead of sharing the stories that resonate with a small group of people who know them personally, those business owners have learned to story tell their conversion story.

Are you intrigued? You're going to love this episode! We talk about speaking to an audience, showcasing how you got here and more.

Colin Boyd has worked with multiple highly successful businesses from multiple industries. As you listen to this conversation you'll get a first-hand look at why he's been so successful and worked with high performers across the world.

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How to Use Storytelling In Business


Katie Soy is an Amazon bestselling author, consultant and story wizard who helps businesses unleash the power of personal story in branding. She helps identify signature origin and vision stories and blend those into branding to stand out, disrupt industry norms and narratives, and increase sales by effortlessly reaching ideal clients. Discovering and creating high-level strategy on telling personal stories in business is at the heart of her magic. A Transformational Coach for Jim Fortin and Scripting Coach for Brandon Lucero, Katie shares with us today how we can use our OWN story and experiences very powerfully in our content and messaging.

In this episode you will walk away with the tools you can implement TODAY in your content.  



You’ll also learn:

  • How to build trust with your ideal client to sell more easily and authentically
  • The four different story types, how to create them and how to use them
  • How to use emotions and themes in your...
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