The Champion Mindset with Tony Taveras

Today's podcast features a great conversation that I had with Tony Taveras, an IFBB Classic Physique Pro. In addition to having a successful career in fitness, Tony is also the Vice President of Linear Roofing & General Contractors. Tony talks to me about following your gut and instincts and betting on ourselves in order to reach our fullest potential. 

You'll hear us talk about:
- The fitness principles that can be used in other areas of your life.
- Time management and how Tony is able to manage a multi-million dollar business while also maintaining his fitness.
- The power of encouragement.

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About Today's Guest

Tony Taveras has 10 years of experience recruiting, developing, and managing sales teams across both the fitness industry and the roofing industry. He specializes in building winning cultures for companies in order to take them to the next level. Tony has developed a strong ability to inspire others to step...

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