Yoga for All Bodies with Natalia Tabilo

On today's brand new episode of the PT Profit Podcast, Natalia Tabilo joins me to talk all things yoga. Natalia is the founder of Yoga For All Bodies, and she shares with me how Yoga impacted her mental health and ignited a passion that led to her becoming an instructor for all types of people. She tailors her classes so that she is able to instruct everyone, regardless of their body type or experience level. With Natalia, no one will be left behind.

Natalia talks to me about researching yoga and about some of its misconceptions. She also tells me about the obstacles that she has encountered as an instructor. We also dive into her preference for using "variations" rather than "modifications." It was wonderful getting to chat with Natalia.

Natalia and I discuss:
- Why it is important to be specific about what kind of yoga is being taught.
- The difference between modifications and variations.
- The impact of Yoga as a coach and to the...

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