Optimize Your Gut Health with Dr. Deanna Elliott

Centered Physical Therapy & Wellness's Dr. Deanna Elliott joins us today to talk about gut health and your body's exit strategy. Deanna herself has experienced being lost and not knowing what to do with her own body, but she then discovered Functional Medicine. From there, she found a place to be able to help her clients out of their own pains and struggles.

In this episode, Deanna shares how being knowledgeable about our own genetics can help us manage our health. We also talked a lot of things related to gut health, such as inflammation, Eczema, and elimination diets.



Today, you'll hear me talk with Deanna about:
- Genetics and what to get out of unpacking them.
- Inflammatory markers, what they are, and what to learn from them.
- Modifying genetic illnesses.


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About Today's Guest

Dr. Deanna Elliott is a mom, turned Physical Therapist, who decided Functional Medicine was the way of the future and shifted gears to focus her attention to growing her own self-sustaining cashed-based PT business in less than 2-years all while healing herself from what other practitioners would say was “a normal part of being a mom.”

She realized she had a gift of helping people understand their own body and knew she wanted to become a healthcare provider. She obtained her Doctorate Degree in Physical Therapy from Western University of Health Sciences in 2011 and received her Bachelor’s Degree in Kinesiology at Sonoma State in 2008.

Deanna has been utilizing a hands-on approach to help her clients heal since 2011. She has worked in a variety of settings in the Physical Therapy world both in Oregon and Wyoming including Neuro Rehabilitation, Acute Care, Skilled Nursing Home Facilities, Home Health, Orthopedics and School-based programs.

In 2018 she started Centered Physical Therapy & Wellness, where Physical Therapy is integrated in a holistic manner to help heal the body at the root of its problem. Deanna is Postural Restoration Certified Practitioner, where she is formally trained through the  Postural Restoration Institute. This technique helps you re-pattern your nervous system and address pain globally in order to get down to the root cause of the issue.

She furthered her education in order to provide a Functional Medicine approach to her clients through a licensed program with the Institute for Functional Medicine. This approach allows Deanna to address the root cause issues her clients struggle with and fine-tune their gut health. Deanna loves working with postpartum women, as she has struggled and recovered from her own physical and health issues after her 2 young daughters.

Deanna has a passion for preventative lifestyle health and wellness and her ideal client is one who is trying to optimize their body prior to having a child. This is how she herself managed to have the best pregnancy, delivery and postpartum experience with her last baby Jordan.

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