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If you're a smart trainer, clinician, or fitness professional looking to boost your professional skills in human movement and create programs with irresistible messaging, then you've come to the right place.

Tune in every Tuesday and Thursday to join host Beverley Simpson and discover cutting-edge information on the science of training, performance, rehab, and movement. Plus, gain valuable tips and tricks from leading experts in messaging and marketing to help you attract your ideal clients and turn them into paying customers.

With our podcast, you'll learn how to craft magnetic messaging that captures your audience's attention and converts prospects into loyal clients. Don't miss out on the latest episode - start your journey towards a thriving business and a fulfilling career today!

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"If you’re wanting a podcast that covers a nice wide range of topics with real actionable advice, then this is the podcast for you. Every episode, I find a meaningful takeaway and I’m incredibly happy I found the PT Profit Podcast when I did in my career. Appreciate this pod 🤝"

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