Understanding Power Skills with Ali Kershner

This episode with Ali Kershner is amazing for honing your soft skills aka power skills. Whether you're just getting started in the industry or working towards the next step with your growing business, there are takeaways that are transferable for everyone. We all work with people, we all utilize power skills.

The ways we show up and communicate have a huge impact on the outcomes in our business. Ali is a deep thinker and loves to get to know people and you'll get to know more about how she does that and the strategies she uses as you dive into this amazing conversation.

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About Today's Guest

Ali Kershner is the Director of Creative Strategy at Art of Coaching where she oversees education, marketing and content creation while co-facilitating workshops and live-events.
Prior to joining Art of Coaching, Ali was the Associate Sports Performance Coach for Stanford Women’s Basketball and Women’s Golf. While at Stanford, she helped the Cardinals to a PAC-12 Regular Season and Conference Tournament Championship (2021) as well as an NCAA National Championship (2021).
Before Stanford, Ali was an Assistant Sports Performance Coach at The University of Kansas where she worked with women’s soccer, women’s basketball, swimming and women’s golf. Ali also earned her Master's in Exercise Physiology from Kansas and is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist through the National Strength and Conditioning Association.
Learn more about Ali:

IG: @kershner.ali
Twitter: @alikershner
Website: artofcoaching.com


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