Neuro Hacking with Liz Larson

Uncategorized Feb 11, 2021

Coaches, have you ever been working with a client and just could not pinpoint the cause of their pain or problem?

In today's info-packed, must listen episode, I am joined by the co-developer of Cognomovement, Liz Larson. Cognomovement has been used to supplement both traditional talk therapy and physical therapy, aiding doctors in finding blocks in their patient's progress. It can be used to address cravings, habits, stress, low energy, and has been very powerful in treating her athletic patients to create real and lasting change.

Liz & I talk about:
- The process involved in Cognomovement, including stimulating your visual, auditory, and kinesthetic senses simultaneously.
- The various kinds of traumas, big and small, that build up and manifest in seemingly unrelated physical issues.
- Neural pathways and deleting them.
and so much more.

Liz even guides us through an exercise at the end of the podcast. Be sure to listen all the way through.

About Today's Guest

Liz Larson is a Master NLP Practitioner, the author of “Suffering is Optional,” and a co-developer and collaborative partner in the Cognomovement Systems with founder Bill McKenna. She is an expert at turning possibilities into technologies that can be used to create fast and lasting change and became an avid student of the brain and its ability to change after the devastating diagnoses of brain illnesses in both of her parents.

As a Master Certified Neurolinguistic Programming Practitioner, Liz has pioneered modalities that combine esoteric and spiritual studies with the scientific and practical to facilitate significant change in the way the brain, mind, body, and spirit function. She has become a go-to for doctors and therapists who find that their patients are stuck in an old pattern and cannot move forward with traditional treatment. 


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