How Your Client Can Get the Benefits of Lifting Heavy without Lifting Heavy with Dr. Susie Lachowski-Glass

In this episode we hear from with Dr. Susie Lachowski-Glass to explore the groundbreaking modality of blood flow restriction (BFR) training. Discover the science behind BFR and how it can mimic the benefits of heavy lifting without the weight, making it accessible for individuals ranging from elite athletes to the elderly and rehabilitation patients. Susie, a pioneer in BFR training, shares insights from her extensive research and practical application, revealing how this technique can transform physical fitness and therapy practices. This episode is a must-listen for fitness professionals, clinicians, and anyone interested in the cutting-edge of exercise science.



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About The Guest

Susie is the founding Director of the Division of Exercise Science & Assistant Professor at American International College in Springfield, MA where she developed all of the BS and MS programs, all departmental requirements, as well as designed and runs the Human Performance Lab at AIC.

She earned her doctoral degree in Exercise Physiology and specializes in Blood Flow Restriction Training and Therapy. She teaches undergraduate and graduate courses in the Exercise Science and Physical Therapy Divisions @ AIC in Advanced Exercise Physiology, Gross Anatomy, Strength and Conditioning, Exercise for Special Populations, among other course topics. Susie is an American Heart Association Instructor and certifies both students and professionals in BLS CPR/AED & First Aid. 

Susie certifies professionals/clinicians in the BFRT modality within the Sports Medicine and Exercise Science field.  She currently is utilizing BFRT number of clinical case studies as well as trains clients in-person and remotely along with traditional strength and conditioning training.

Susie guest lectures at a number of different universities and podcasts on the application, efficacy, and safety of the modality.

Susie began Glass Training and Education, LLC to provide coaches, clinicians, and other professionals with education and practical content within the fields of Exercise Science and Sports Medicine.  Susie trains various populations (youth, athletic, tactical, aging, special populations, etc.) to enhance fitness, strength and conditioning and health and well being of all. 



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