How to Build a Program with Principles with Dr. Michelle Boland

In this episode with returning guest, Dr. Michelle Boland, we dive deep into the art of simplifying complex ideas without losing their essence, the importance of principles in program design, and how to tailor fitness strategies to individual needs. Whether you're a fitness enthusiast or a seasoned coach, this episode is packed with insights and practical advice. Support the podcast by leaving a 5 start rating and review and share it on social media! 





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About The Guest

Dr. Michelle Boland, distinguished as a certified strength and conditioning coach, is the founder of Michelle Boland Training, LLC. Formerly serving as the Director of Education at a private training facility, Michelle brings extensive experience from her role as a...

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How To Help The General Population With Athleticism with Gerard Friedman

Gerard Friedman shares his journey from working with the athletic population to transitioning to working with the general population and adults. He discusses the importance of incorporating both training and health coaching to help clients achieve their goals. Gerard emphasizes the need for a collaborative approach and the use of habit science to create sustainable lifestyle changes. He also highlights the importance of self-awareness and mindfulness in becoming a better professional and person.

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Help Us Help More People. When you leave a review on apple or Spotify, it helps us share the message so that we can raise the industry standards and help more people for free. 

About Today's Guest 

Gerard Friedman is a certified athletic trainer, personal trainer, and nationally...

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The Power of Powerlifting with John Sheridan

John Sheridan, owner of Burley Strength gym in Canberra, Australia, shares his journey from powerlifter to coach. He emphasizes the importance of creating an inclusive environment and offering a third gender division in competitions. John also organizes novice competitions to introduce people to powerlifting and discusses the positive impact of training on his own life. He highlights the value of coaching and the need to be adaptable and empathetic to clients' goals and needs. John reflects on the transition from athlete to coach and discusses his current training for a 24-hour mountain bike race. Follow John on Instagram for updates on his training and journey.





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About Today's Guest

John is the owner & head coach at Burley Strength. He has been...

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The Truth Behind Contrast Training with Patrick Coyne

In this interview, Patrick Coyne shares his journey from being a professional athlete to becoming the owner of Black Sheep Performance. He discusses the founding pillars of his gym, the ssa method, and how he creates a culture of inclusivity for his clients. Patrick also talks about the importance of inducing healthy stress, building resilience, and the role they play in the training process. Additionally, he discusses his new business venture, Contrast Studio, which aims to help people with mental health issues through biohacking. 



Help Us Help More People. When you leave a review on apple or Spotify, it helps us share the message so that we can raise the industry standards and help more people for free. 

About Today's Guest

Patrick Coyne is a Cincinnati native who started out his athletic career at Hamilton Badin High School. He was awarded the number two quarterback ranking in the state, locking in the number ten spot in the...

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The Human Component to Programming with Brandon Schultze

Brandon Schultze is an online coach and owner of Atomic Performance and Educator for Pre-Script® which is a principles-based education company dedicated to pushing the boundaries of human performance by forging better coaches and creating better athletes. During the interview he discusses the human component to coaching and programming, and how he got to where he is now. He started in the industry about seven years ago, initially as a personal hobby and love for working out and training. He has since developed a course around breathing and training. He shares his knowledge and skills to a younger training crowd as well as to people looking to improve their job. He talks about the importance of understanding the human component to training and programming.




What are some of the ways that you have continued to stay motivated and continued to educate yourself?


And that's kind of the fitness industry as a whole. It's...
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Mace Training with a Scoliosis and a Fused Spine with Teresa Teuscher

Coaches, just a reminder, you don't have to let an obstacle define you. You are capable of success! You're going to feel empowered after this episode.

Teresa Teuscher is the perfect example of resilience and determination having been diagnosed with scoliosis and living with a fused spine. Through consistent effort and patience, she found a way to help people through the obstacles she's overcome in her own fitness journey. Now she works with a diverse group of people helping them achieve feats of strength they were never able to do before.

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About Today's Guest


Teresa Teuscher is a native New Yorker who grew up in a theatrical family. As a young girl, she studied ballet at The...

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On Getting Your First Pull-Up with Angela Gargano

Coaches, this episode with Angela Gargano is SO POWERFUL! She shared with us about tearing her ACL on national television and how she believes in going back to basics to help people master a movement. Whether you're a new coach or a seasoned professional, you're going to want to tune in! 




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About Today's Guest 


Angela Gargano is a fierce athlete, coach, international fitness model, and speaker. Before becoming  a full-time multi-passionate entrepreneur, Angela worked as a biochemist at Brown University. Since throwing in the lab coat and goggles in 2013 to open her own gym in Cranston, Rhode Island, Angela has truly lived multiple lives in the athletic and entrepreneurial space, defying odds and setbacks to become an authentic and relatable voice to the public eye. 
Angela has now competed on American Ninja Warrior 4x, won the Title of Miss Fitness America 2016, and created an...

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The True Impact of Fitness with Alan Shaw

"Every person that comes into Rhapsody, whether they're a member or not ... I think I can say, hands down, they would say, 'Man, they are probably the most welcoming community that I've been a part of.' And that's purposeful."

In today's episode of the PT Profit Podcast, I had the privilege of speaking with Alan Shaw of Rhapsody Fitness in Charleston, SC. We talk all about the pure humanity of fitness and the sense of belonging that can be fostered. Given a lot of what's been going on in the world over the past year, it was so fantastic to talk to Alan about an organization that fully embraces that and strives to better their community.

We get into sales. We get into training. We discuss staffing, clients, and what it would take for Rhapsody to expand. And we talk about attitude, outreach and truly seeing each other and supporting each other as human beings.



You'll hear Alan and I discuss:
- How important authenticity is from the front desk to...

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