Unleashing the Potential of AI In Your Business

In this episode of the PT Profit Podcast, guest host Chris Liddle discusses how Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology can be leveraged in the fitness industry to help trainers and clinicians stand out. He identified five ways AI can help with content creation: content generation, content curation, content optimization, content scheduling, and reverse engineering captivating content. AI can be used to generate written content such as blog posts, articles, and product descriptions. It can also be used to analyze large amounts of data to identify relevant content for a target audience and optimize content for maximum impact and reach. AI can also help schedule content publishing at the optimal time based on user engagement patterns and audience demographics. Ultimately, AI can be used to reduce time spent on content creation and increase personal trainer's reach, helping them stand out in the fitness industry. 



You can extract clean data from every relevant source on the web with no code. So this is basically like having a supercharged assistant that helps you get through things that you would be looking at anyways, but helps you get through it more efficiently.

You can use it for business intelligence, basically looking at your market, spending less time in collecting information and more time analyzing the data and making informed decisions. You can use it for competitive marketing, product availability, content aggregation, staying on top of the latest news, updates and research.

And on the note of personalized artificial intelligent videos, there is also another platform called B-Human AI. So if you have ever bought a product or service and gotten a personalized message from it, maybe it was from the coach that you worked with, maybe it was from the founder of the business that you just purchased.

So if you go to Tome app is essentially generative storytelling on demand. So where Tom could be useful is if you have to story tell and present on a topic and you need visuals and you need key points and you need it to be concise but also deliver what you're trying to say.

It is a little bit of a learning curve going from one video editing software to the other. But what I would say is Descript is very user friendly, meaning that as you are starting to learn things, they're going to be easy to figure out just because of the platform and being very easy to find the features, find the buttons, and get help as needed with Studio Sound.


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