The Truth About the Study of Self with Nick Demos

Uncategorized Jan 19, 2021

Coaches, how well do you actually know yourself?

Knowing yourself is essential for you to become successful as a fitness business entrepreneur. We have to find ourselves from within and address the things that hold us back or stop us from stepping up to the next level.

Today I invited my good friend, Tony Award-winning Broadway producer Nick Demos, to come chat with PT Profit Podcast about spirituality, meditation, yoga, and the study of self.

In this episode, Nick shares his experience of how he went from actor/dancer to having simultaneous careers as a Broadway producer and yoga instructor…and then “blew it all up” after a moment of clarity – despite being at what some would consider a career high. Nick dove deep into his yoga practices – focusing more on the spiritual “science of self realization” aspects than he had before – and rediscovered his business with the help of yoga and meditation.

Nick and I talk about…

- Using yoga and meditation to re-examine your life and establish a baseline stability.
- Practices such as breath work and how they can contribute to building long-forming habits.
- The various benefits your business and your customers will gain by you having a strong sense of self.

About Today's Guest

Nick Demos began as a musical theater performer then director and Tony-winning Broadway producer. Now he works with heart centered entrepreneurs and helps them connect to their absolute personal vibrancy and share their authentic, personal brand stories so that they can connect with their audience, convert to sales, and create massive impact in their communities. 

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