How To Implement a Facebook Ads Strategy with Michelle Fernandez

Utilizing Facebook ads is one way to promote your business through social media. We all know Facebook is where people all around the globe hang out virtually, so learning how to use the platform to market your service is a must have skill.

In this episode, Michelle Fernandez joins us to show us how to use Facebook ads in order to grow our business. We talk budgets. We talk varying campaign strategies depending on what stages we are at the business. Coaches, we dive in. Running ads on Facebook can be a complex thing to tackle, and I'm so happy we have Michelle here with us to day to unpack the subject.



You'll hear us discuss:
- How a Boost button works and why you should go through Facebook's Ads Manager.
- Why running video ads is key.
- The preparations to make when there is an iOS update that comes along and shakes things up.
...and so much more. Coaches, this is a "must listen" ep if you're trying to use Facebook for your business. 

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About Today's Guest

Michelle Fernandez is a Facebook & Instagram Ads Strategist, a Funnel Expert, and Speaker.

For years, Michelle helped run the social media accounts of major influencers using strategic organic marketing strategies. But noticing the ever-evolving limitations of organic growth - she realized that her organic efforts would need to be amplified by highly converting ads!

Michelle poured countless hours into mastering the art of paid advertising and has now shifted her focus entirely to ad and funnel strategy for everyone from local small businesses to multiple 7-figure business owners - spending THOUSANDS of dollars on ads each month at her boutique marketing agency.

Michelle loves the strategizing process that takes place PRIOR to running ads and specializes in helping her clients get crystal clear on their brand identity, messaging, and funnel strategy - so they get the maximum ROI from their ad spend. She knows how to combine the most powerful organic strategies, funnel strategies, and ad strategies to get her clients 6 figure launch results without a 6-figure ad-spend.

Michelle Fernandez
Michelle on Instagram
Michelle's The Traffic & Conversions Show

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