Elite High Performance Coaching Techniques and Achieving Personal Goals with Emanuel 'Coach Pow' Parris

In this episode, Emmanuel Parris aka Coach Pow discusses his unique approach to high-performance training, which combines hypertrophy training, strength training, and mobility work. He emphasizes the importance of addressing areas like ribcage and pelvis mobility and incorporating gait into exercise selection. Coach Pow also highlights the significance of strength and mobility for maintaining movement quality and navigating through life. He shares his assessment process for creating training programs and common goals that clients come to him with. Coach Pow also touches on the importance of understanding the language of the individual and tailoring coaching to their needs.

This episode highlights some of the industry greats, and we really hope you enjoy tuning in!




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About Today's Guest 

Coach Pow is a high-performance coach and consultant who works with professional athletes, including NHL players, as well as the general population. He has a background in sprinting and has competed in the Olympics and Commonwealth Games. Coach Pow is known for his emphasis on strength, mobility, and carefully selected exercises to improve movement quality and performance.

Learn more about Coach Pow here:

IG: @therealcoachpow
Youtube Channel: @Coachpow
Tik Tok: @therealcoachpow

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