Strength Beyond the Mat: A Journey with Dustin Lebel

In this episode you'll discover how Dustin Lebel's unique blend of strength training and martial arts philosophy has not only shaped his personal journey but also inspired countless others in their pursuit of physical and mental well-being. From overcoming challenges to redefining success, Dustin shares insights and experiences that illuminate the path to resilience and personal growth. Tune in to explore the transformative power of dedication, practice, and the unwavering pursuit of passion with Dustin Lebel.




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About The Guest

Dustin Lebel is an online coach and Brazilian jiu-jitsu practitioner known for his innovative approach to strength training and martial arts. With a background that combines extensive experience in physical...

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Building Strength, Overcoming Challenges, and Finding Success with Brandon Mancine

Brandon Mancini, a personal trainer and coach with over 20 years of experience, shares his journey in the fitness industry and his passion for helping parents and business owners prioritize their health. He emphasizes the importance of focusing on the basics and building strength to improve overall health and longevity. Brandon also discusses the impact of his own accident on his perspective and approach to fitness. He highlights the principles of success, including having a clear vision, being honest with oneself, and prioritizing what truly matters.  




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About Today's Guest 

Brandon Mancini is a personal trainer, coach, and business owner with over 20 years of experience in the fitness industry. He has worked in big box gyms and...

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Elite High Performance Coaching Techniques and Achieving Personal Goals with Emanuel 'Coach Pow' Parris

In this episode, Emmanuel Parris aka Coach Pow discusses his unique approach to high-performance training, which combines hypertrophy training, strength training, and mobility work. He emphasizes the importance of addressing areas like ribcage and pelvis mobility and incorporating gait into exercise selection. Coach Pow also highlights the significance of strength and mobility for maintaining movement quality and navigating through life. He shares his assessment process for creating training programs and common goals that clients come to him with. Coach Pow also touches on the importance of understanding the language of the individual and tailoring coaching to their needs.

This episode highlights some of the industry greats, and we really hope you enjoy tuning in!




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How to Train for Performance with Justin Jones

In this episode, Beverley Simpson interviews Justin Jones, owner of Assemble Performance, about how to train for performance. They discuss training strategies for ultra runners, marathon runners, endurance athletes, and Ironman competitors. Justin emphasizes the importance of focusing on performance rather than aesthetics and highlights the benefits of training for longevity and aging well. He also shares his approach to programming for performance, including incorporating strength training, managing volume and intensity, and the importance of nutrition. Justin provides insights into the mental challenges athletes face during training and races and how to prepare for them. He also discusses the differences in training for different sports, such as ultra running and Ironman, and the importance of incorporating cardiovascular training for overall health and performance.




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How to Build a Powerlifting Community with Max Hall

Max Hall, an online personal trainer and gym owner, discusses his journey into powerlifting and the opening of his new facility. He emphasizes the importance of creating a space that supports powerlifters and encourages strength training. Max also shares his strategies for client adherence in his online coaching business, including using a coaching app and weekly check-ins. He plans to host powerlifting meets in his facility to grow the powerlifting community and provide more opportunities for lifters to compete. Max is motivated by inspiring others and showing them what they are capable of in powerlifting and in life. 




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About Today's Guest 

Max Hall is a dedicated advocate of sustainable life training and firmly believes in teaching...

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Finding the Ease with Tonal with Tim Landicho

Tim is a passionate fitness professional who coaches and writes for Tonal. His infectious energy and strength for helping people find who they're meant to be in life is what has enabled him to grow his career and live a fulfilling lifestyle.

When you listen to this episode, you'll get to hear how Tim has worked on his skillset over the years. Tim talks about the ways in which working for himself benefited him when he transitioned to working for Tonal. He also breaks down what Tonal is, and who it could help the most, while also highlighting many of the people that use it to compliment their existing routine.

You're going to love this one! Be sure to tag @bsimpsonfitness and @timlandicho on Instagram with a screenshot or story share when you tune in. We'll repost and we can chat about your takeaways.




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About Today's Guest 

Tim Landicho is a New York City-based trainer & coach who has been in...

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The Simple, Straight-Forward Path to Success with Miguel Aragoncillo

Businesses originate in all kinds of ways.

And coaches, once you start seeking out and taking on clients on your  have created your own business. You have become an entrepreneur.

Fitness journeys vary as well. Mine began when I was still acting and singing and on the path to becoming a successful musical theatre actress. Once I began helping folks attain their dreams and health goals, however, I fell in love with this diverse, enriching industry that has so many nuances and ways to enter it, thrive, and continue to learn and grow.

I am pumped to have Miguel Aragoncillo joining us today on the PT Profit Podcast to talk about his journey not only in fitness but also in building his business. He talks to me about how he found his "in" into the fitness industry, continued pursuing his education and built a business. Now he has clients all over as well as a wealth of knowledge that continues to increase. It was fantastic getting to know Miguel and introduce him...

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A Ballerina's Journey with Strength featuring Diana Sorokova

Diana Sorokova is a ballerina and strength trainer, and in today's episode, she joins me to talk about her journey and experiences, how she got into strength training, and how she helps others do the same. We also talked all about dancers and how she is able to help them get better with regards to being strong and being healthy as well since being a performer can be very demanding both physically and mentally.

We also broke down the types of dancers, their training and needs, and the things you as a trainer need to consider while working with dancers dancers. Then, Diana shared her experience with general population clients and how her app B.STRONG works.



Diana and I dive into:
- The challenges you encounter in training dancers.
- The impact of strength training to a hyperflexible and hypermobile dancers
- The recovery process for dancers, and the reasons why dancers seek help.
...and more!


Don't forget to leave us a...

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An Osteopath's Journey with Dr. Dani Antonellos

Today we have the brilliant Dr. Dani Antonellos joining us from Australia, and we talked all about her journey as an osteopath and what bought her into that practice. We also tackled the differences between a physio and an osteopath as well as the crossover between physical therapy and personal training.

Dani shared with me about her teaching practices, including what makes it stand out from other trainers. We talk about how is she educating both clients and other fitness professionals, and we dive into the topics of Bracing, Hip Hinge and Breathing. She also shares with me how she manages her own pain and her experience in growing her business during the pandemic.



You'll hear Dani talk to me about:
- Everyday movements you should pay attention to.
- Understanding core training.
- When to know when you need to change or continue a program.


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About Today's Guest


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The PT Profit Formula Experience

Coaches, I started the PT Profit Podcast in June 2020 after I kept telling my clients, "You need to get on a podcast! Go out and promote yourself on a podcast!"

Ultimately, I wanted to give my clients a platform to share their exciting programs and a resource for them to continue learning because if you're hanging out with me, chances are you are interested in messaging and excited about the science of training. I also want to thank all of you for being part of this amazing journey.

I thought the most fitting way to celebrate this milestone on the PT Profit Podcast would be to give an inside look at the PT Profit Formula itself. Today, three of my clients are joining me to talk about their fitness journeys and how the PT Profit Formula's group coaching program has impacted their business. Solana Lewis, Crystal Thomas, and Dhana Harrelson share their thoughts on how valuable the community setting has become to them. They also shared what they learned and discoveries they...

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