Elite High Performance Coaching Techniques and Achieving Personal Goals with Emanuel 'Coach Pow' Parris

In this episode, Emmanuel Parris aka Coach Pow discusses his unique approach to high-performance training, which combines hypertrophy training, strength training, and mobility work. He emphasizes the importance of addressing areas like ribcage and pelvis mobility and incorporating gait into exercise selection. Coach Pow also highlights the significance of strength and mobility for maintaining movement quality and navigating through life. He shares his assessment process for creating training programs and common goals that clients come to him with. Coach Pow also touches on the importance of understanding the language of the individual and tailoring coaching to their needs.

This episode highlights some of the industry greats, and we really hope you enjoy tuning in!




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Strength for Runners with Romina Kostich

Today's episode welcomes Romina Kostich from Skilled Strong to talk all about how running turned from a passion into a career after she started to injure herself while training. She became fascinated by the knowledge the physical therapists brought to her rehab sessions, noticing things like tension merely upon sight, and ultimately she ended up working for big box gyms before starting her own business.  Skilled Strong focuses on utilizing strength training for runners, taking into account each client's personal fitness and injury history and other factors including lifestyle and age as opposed to the same handful of exercises shoved into the average runner's face via magazines and blog posts.



You'll hear us discuss:
- Differences between strength for runners and the running coaches.
- How ribcage joints move and how to breathe.
- The biggest gaps that coaches miss to help improve runners. 

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About Today's Guest

Romina Kostich...

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Position, Breath, and Gait with Dr. Keaton Worland

Welcome back to a brand new episode of PT Profit Podcast!

Do you think you move "normally?"

Really though, what even is that? Normal?

Today on PT Profit Podcast I am talking to Dr. Keaton Worland, a physical therapist and strength trainer. Keaton ruptured two discs and fractured his back in college while pursuing a degree in orthopedic medicine. During this episode, we talk about how his injury happened, building trust and confidence in his patients, and pushing limits.



In this episode, Keaton and I talk about:
- How Keaton assesses clients and patients.
- What he looks for when he observes a person's walk.
- How some people try to manage gravity.
...and so much more!

About Today's Guest

Dr. Keaton Worland is a doctor of physical therapy in Saint Louis, MO, but he is more than just a therapist.  Keaton works as a therapist, performance coach, and as a clinical mentor.  It isn't the various hats that set Keaton apart from his field. It is his...

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