Industry Power Players: Insights from Top Online Business Innovators

In this episode of the PT Profit Podcast, we highlight seven episodes from the past six months featuring industry power players and online business innovators. We are featuring clips from Episode 173, 175, 192, 196, 212, 213, and 216. These guests include Colin Boyd and Jenny Rearick, who will talk about presentations and speaking, as well as Dan Feldman, Ali Kershner, Randy King, Rico Incarnati and Drew Manning, who will discuss topics such as professional development, setting boundaries, motivation, content creation, storytelling, inspiration, willingness to do hard things, and self love. AI was used to help curate some of the best moments out of several hours of content to produce this episode.  


"Now what I didn't realize at the time, it was an irresistible offer because out of the 137 people, 125 of them gave me their personal details to follow up. I had a little fishbowl jar that I got from the 99 cents store at the back , but . I literally had 125 pieces of paper with people's names and details on that.

So I followed it up and, and did a whole bunch of like free coaching. And from there I ended up signing 12 full-time paying clients. So I went from zero to hero in my own mind of like do it building my coaching business. Four days later a director from HP calls me and says, love the presentation. Can you come and speak at our next global training day?"

"one of the key things to distinguish yourself amongst other professionals at that level is how well effectively and confidently you can communicate"

"most of my clients don't pay anything out of pocket to see me. I bill their health insurance companies and health insurance companies pay me, which is very, very cool."

"my official title is Director of Creative Strategy. Now, what that means is part marketing, part facilitating, I teach our workshops. I do our mentoring online, one-on-one coaching. So I have my hands in a little bit of everything and I've had to learn pretty much any skill."

"I ran a gym, a gym in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, called KPC Self-Defense for 15 years. And through that platform, I jumped international. And now my full-time job is public speaking and talking to people all around the world about self-defense, self-protection, and mostly my focus is all of the skills that lead up to a physical encounter and ways to deescalate ahead of time because the people I serve are not just martial athletes and fit people. Self-defense is for everyone. So whether you are 75 years old or 13 years old, your self-defense strategy shouldn't rely on being a young fit human."

"if you're someone who's brand new to making videos, if you're someone who has no idea what to do, the number one reason most people get crippled is because they're like, I have to have the perfect plan. I have to have the right lighting. I have to have the right camera. Like you have an iPhone, you have a Samsung, whatever you wanna say. Like, these cameras are machines now these phones are machines. You have something in your pocket to start making content."

"When you live an unhealthy lifestyle, you eat lots of processed junk foods, you don't, you know, you're not exercising. How that factors into you as a human and you as a father, as a mother, and you as a spouse, you as a business owner, you know, and all your relationships. And how it all stems from living a, a, a, an unhealthy physical lifestyle and how that carries over into other aspects of your life. Because a lot of people don't realize that."


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