Programming for Runners with Dr. Angie Brown

If you've ever worked with an injured runner, this is an episode for you! This amazing conversation with Dr. Angie Brown focuses on the current medical system and the need to shift from a reactive system to one that focuses on managing health instead of disease. While we're finding there is a shift happening, there is still a lot of work to be done in order to raise the standard in the industry. In this episode, Angie points out that many professionals are confirmation-biased and that this can lead to a lack of understanding of the importance of proactive health management. People tend to surround themselves with like-minded individuals and this can have an impact on the shift towards proactive health management.

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About Today's Guest 

 Dr. Angie Brown, DPT is a mom, wife, entrepreneur, coach, and physical therapist that is the founder of the Real Life Runners Training Academy and Real Life Runners podcast that she hosts alongside her husband, Kevin Brown. She loves helping runners to run faster and longer without injury so they can have more energy, be strong, healthy, and fit, and have more freedom in their lives. She holds her doctorate in physical therapy, specializing in runner-specific strength and conditioning, mobility, and injury prevention for runners and also holds a certification in nutrition to help her clients integrate healthy eating to complement their training and overall health goals. She has a passion for health, wellness, food, fitness and helping to educate people on the importance of healthy lifestyle changes, in order to live an active, vibrant life, both now and as we get older.

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