Thriving with Celiac Disease with Michelle LeMaster

In this inspiring episode, we welcome Michelle, who is on the cusp of earning her PhD and has transformed her celiac disease diagnosis into a powerful force for good. Michelle takes us through her personal journey and the professional path that led her to assist others with food restrictions, particularly those with celiac disease, navigate their diets and lifestyles with confidence and joy. 



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About The Guest

Michelle is a soon-to-be PhD in meat and food science, with a special focus on meat and muscle biology. Beyond her academic achievements, Michelle has transformed her personal experience with celiac disease into a crusade to support others facing similar challenges. She has developed a unique expertise in navigating the world of food restrictions, with a particular emphasis on celiac disease and food anxiety. Through her work, Michelle aims to help people rediscover the joy and ease of eating, making sure dietary restrictions do not dampen the pleasure of meals but instead open up new, delicious possibilities.

Her journey began in high school when she was diagnosed with celiac disease. Since then, she has faced and overcome numerous challenges related to her condition, from navigating social situations and managing food anxiety to developing inclusive, tasty recipes that everyone can enjoy. Michelle's approach is not just about managing a diet; it's about embracing a lifestyle that celebrates food in all its forms, despite any restrictions one might have.

Michelle's passion for food science and her personal mission to make eating a joyful experience for those with dietary restrictions have led her to create a series of recipe books catering to various food sensitivities. These books are a testament to her belief that everyone deserves to enjoy good food and the social connections it fosters.

As Michelle prepares to add the title of "Doctor" to her name, she continues to be a beacon of support and inspiration for the food-restricted community. By sharing her knowledge, experience, and culinary creativity, Michelle is helping to change the narrative around food restrictions, proving that with the right approach, everyone can partake in the universal pleasure of eating.


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