Unlocking the Secrets of Autoimmune Wellness with Michele Spring

In Episode 345 of the PT Profit Podcast, we are thrilled to welcome Michelle Spring, the inspiring force behind Thriving Autoimmune. Diagnosed with both Hashimoto's and celiac disease, Michelle faced a challenging journey of misdiagnoses and debilitating symptoms before finding relief and a new path through the Autoimmune Protocol (AIP) diet. Now, as a health coach, she dedicates her life to helping others navigate their own autoimmune challenges.

Join us as Michelle shares her personal story, from enduring relentless fatigue, brain fog, and more, to reclaiming her health and vitality. She discusses the critical role of diet, stress management, and mindset in managing autoimmune diseases. Michelle also offers practical advice for coaches working with clients who might be experiencing similar health issues.

This episode is packed with insights for anyone dealing with autoimmune conditions or those looking to support loved ones on their health journeys. Tune in to learn about the...

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Unlocking the Secrets to Sustainable Nutrition: A Deep Dive with Erin DeMille

For this exciting episode, we're welcoming back Erin DeMille, a registered dietitian nutritionist with a passion for transforming how we think about nutrition and health. Erin is here to share her deep insights into metabolic health, emotional eating, and the science behind sustainable fat loss.

In this episode, Erin dives into her holistic approach, combining her extensive background in nutrition biochemistry and clinical practice with practical, everyday strategies. We discuss the importance of understanding our food relationship, how to prevent metabolic diseases, and why high-quality fat loss is different from just losing weight. Erin's unique perspective will challenge conventional diet wisdom and offer you new tools to make lasting, positive changes in your life.






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Thriving with Celiac Disease with Michelle LeMaster

In this inspiring episode, we welcome Michelle, who is on the cusp of earning her PhD and has transformed her celiac disease diagnosis into a powerful force for good. Michelle takes us through her personal journey and the professional path that led her to assist others with food restrictions, particularly those with celiac disease, navigate their diets and lifestyles with confidence and joy. 



Help Us Help More People. When you leave a review on apple or Spotify, it helps us share the message so that we can raise the industry standards and help more people for free. 

About The Guest

Michelle is a soon-to-be PhD in meat and food science, with a special focus on meat and muscle biology. Beyond her academic achievements, Michelle has transformed her personal experience with celiac disease into a crusade to support others facing similar challenges. She has developed a unique expertise in navigating the world of...

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