Is Fat Loss Part of Being Healthy? with Jonny Landels

In this episode we talk with Jonny Landels, a UK-based online health coach who specializes in helping those with disordered eating practices, low self-esteem, and low body image. He himself has struggled with his own weight and confidence, often turning to strict calorie tracking and intense exercise to find a solution. This led him to discover what disordered eating means, as well as the concept of intuitive eating and having a positive body image. Jonny works to help others develop a healthy relationship with themselves, food, and exercise. When you listen to this episode, be sure to screenshot it and tag us on social media so that we can help more people. 



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About Today's Guest

Jonny Landels is a seasoned fitness professional with a passion for helping...

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All About the Food with Erin Murray

In today’s episode, Erin talked to us about a myriad of topics ranging from the science of food and neurochemical dynamics of behavior to how we can break down really complicated nutritional and chemical processes without overwhelming clients -  and therefore improve client adherence. In short, I really felt that in this episode Erin captures the “art of science” if you will, and I’m sure this is one you won’t want to miss.



 In this episode you’ll learn:
- How to inspire clients to adhere to behavior change
- Tips for battling misinformation and regulating the food culture your client (and many trainers) struggle with
- The microbiological reasons why gut health affects the entire body and why the approach to everyone should be different

About Today's Guest

Erin Murray is a nutrition, health, and strength coach that that splits her time between clients and academia. Her passion for science and whole foods...

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