How we Habit Stack for Ourselves and for our Clients with Amy Lang

Today, we're chatting with Amy Lang about "Habit Stacking for Ourselves and Our Clients." We'll hear Amy's story of switching from tech to health and fitness and dive into her book "Thoughts are Habits Too." Amy's got some great tips on managing emotions, changing mindsets, and a fresh take on dieting. So, join us for a down-to-earth talk about making healthier habits for us and our clients with Amy Lang. 



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About The Guest

Amy Lang is an author and master health coach, known for her book "Thoughts Are Habits Too" and her podcast "Happy & Healthy with Amy". Formerly in the tech industry with companies like Netscape and Yahoo, she shifted to health care, founding Moxie Club, an online coaching business, in 2019. Lang's focus is on sustainable weight loss...

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