Best of: Andrew Coates; The Mayor of the Fitness Industry

For this episode we're highlighting one of our interviews from the past! Originally recorded in June 2022. Andrew Coates is widely described as "The Mayor of the Fitness Industry" for his ability to connect people with one another and for his infectious passion for learning and helping others. This episode covers continuous learning, effective communication, critical thinking, application over theory, and adaptability and also includes a book list Andrew recommends for those wanting to get into writing. Find that here



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About The Guest


Andrew Coates is a distinguished fitness professional dedicated to enhancing the wellness and strength of his clients through personalized coaching and comprehensive fitness education. With a...

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How we Habit Stack for Ourselves and for our Clients with Amy Lang

Today, we're chatting with Amy Lang about "Habit Stacking for Ourselves and Our Clients." We'll hear Amy's story of switching from tech to health and fitness and dive into her book "Thoughts are Habits Too." Amy's got some great tips on managing emotions, changing mindsets, and a fresh take on dieting. So, join us for a down-to-earth talk about making healthier habits for us and our clients with Amy Lang. 



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About The Guest

Amy Lang is an author and master health coach, known for her book "Thoughts Are Habits Too" and her podcast "Happy & Healthy with Amy". Formerly in the tech industry with companies like Netscape and Yahoo, she shifted to health care, founding Moxie Club, an online coaching business, in 2019. Lang's focus is on sustainable weight loss...

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How to Cultivate Authenticity and Heart-Centered Coaching with Penny Hounsome and Lisa Balsdon

In this episode, Penny Hounsome and Lisa Balsdon discuss their journey in the health and wellness industry and how they have evolved their coaching business over the years. They emphasize the importance of personal development and continuous growth as coaches. They also share their experiences as expatriates living in Costa Rica and how it has influenced their coaching and personal lives. They discuss the challenges their clients face and how they facilitate transformation by helping them overcome imposter syndrome and learn from their own experiences. They also highlight the importance of being honest with oneself and staying emotionally regulated as a coach. Overall, Penny and Lisa provide valuable insights into the coaching process and the impact it can have on both coaches and clients.

 You're going to love this one. If you give it a listen, tag us all on social @bsimpsonfitness, @pdhealthcoaching, @lisabalsdonliveinmotion




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Why You May Not Be Where You Want To Be, Reason Number 5: Skill

In this episode, I discuss the importance of skill acquisition in overcoming the struggles coaches face. I emphasize that while I can provide strategies and directions, the real-time experience and challenges can only be truly understood once you begin implementing them. Skill acquisition is a continuous process requiring resourcefulness, acceptance of circumstances, and decision-making outside your comfort zone. I encourage listeners to identify necessary skills and seek mentor support for growth 

Want to learn more? Let's Connect! Find me at @bsimpsonfitness 




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Are you a new fitness entrepreneur looking to attract clients? Maybe you're looking to dial in your messaging? Or perhaps you're experienced and looking to scale...

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Mini-Series: Reason #8 Why You May Not Be Where You Want to Be and What to Do Instead

In today's episode, I delve into the tricky subject of quitting versus persevering. I can't stress enough how crucial it is to understand the fine lines and nuances that come with the decision to quit something. Throughout my life, I've had my own struggles with quitting, so I'm coming from a place of personal experience.

I've spent time analyzing my own patterns of quitting and have realized the pitfalls of what I call the 'reinforcement theory of quitting.' Basically, every time you quit and feel relief, it becomes easier to quit the next time you face difficulty. That's why it's so important to make decisions based on objective data and not just emotional reactions or impulses.

To help you with this dilemma, I offer three barometers you can use to evaluate whether you should quit or keep going:

  1. Imagine a future version of yourself. Would that future 'you' regret giving up?

  2. Start whatever you're contemplating and evaluate your emotional and rational responses as you go along....

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How to Build Your Authority Online - What to do When You Don't Feel Ready

Have you ever wondered why some individuals excel in their field while others struggle to make an impact? If you find yourself asking questions like, "Why purchase from me when they can buy from someone else?" or "How do I build my authority?", then this podcast is for you.

In this episode, we delve deep into the distinction between expertise and authority, two words often used interchangeably but with fundamentally different meanings. As an expert, you possess a level of skill and knowledge derived from education, clinical experience, and practical application. You have the ability to transform your expertise into tangible results that positively impact others.

But here's the thing: expertise alone is not enough. Authority is what truly sets you apart. We explore how authority is not solely dependent on your current level of expertise but is a conscious decision to step into your role as an authority in your field. We provide insights, strategies, and practical tips to help...

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How to Do Deep Work With Your Clients with Kait Ann-Michelle

Dive into this deeply insightful episode of the PT Profit Podcast, where I have the pleasure of chatting with Coach Kate Ann-Michelle. Kate provides us with a unique exploration into the transformative power of her 'deep work'. Sharing her own personal journey, she reveals how this practice has made a lasting impact on her life and the lives of her clients.

As a coach with a rich background in health, fitness, and personal development, Kate works with a diverse group, from busy moms to top-tier athletes. She shares her unique approach of catering to those needing more personalized health and fitness solutions.

Kate's story of resilience, following a career-ending basketball injury, is truly inspiring. She opens up about her struggles and the self-discovery that followed. Learn how she challenges her clients to confront their limiting beliefs and develop effective stress management strategies.

Hear from Kate herself about her personal rituals for emotional processing and clarity,...

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The Power Of Yes With Gavin McHale

Coaches, this episode will light you up! Are you someone who wants to deliver outcomes for your clients without taking time to develop yourself first? Give this a listen.

Are you scrambling to find more business without working on what you have to offer your clients? There’s a lot that will resonate when you tune in.

Gavin talks about his experiences as a coach and what he's learned through the years and through the guidance of his mentors and coaches he's hired and been mentored by.

If you're just getting started with your business, save this episode - you'll want to revisit it later. There are lots of takeaways that might just become relevant again in a few months.

In addition, if you are a fan of the NHL, Gavin had the once in a life time opportunity to dress as the backup goalie for the Washington Capitals. He tells us all about it and the story is truly amazing.

When you listen, don't forget to leave a rating and share a screenshot on social media. 


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