Using NLP to Rewire the Brain and Transform Health and Business with Megan Blacksmith

Megan Blacksmith, co-founder of Zesty, shares her journey from focusing on women's hormone health to diving deep into the power of the subconscious mind and NLP. She explains how she discovered the profound impact of subconscious reprogramming and hypnosis on her own health and how it led her to help others overcome physical ailments and limiting beliefs. Megan discusses the importance of intuition and how to tap into it, as well as the role of NLP in behavior change. She also explores the concept of radical honesty and the power of communication in relationships.



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About The Guest

Megan Blacksmith is the co-founder of Zesty, a company that specializes in training coaches, practitioners, and leaders in neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), subconscious...

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How to Do Deep Work With Your Clients with Kait Ann-Michelle

Dive into this deeply insightful episode of the PT Profit Podcast, where I have the pleasure of chatting with Coach Kate Ann-Michelle. Kate provides us with a unique exploration into the transformative power of her 'deep work'. Sharing her own personal journey, she reveals how this practice has made a lasting impact on her life and the lives of her clients.

As a coach with a rich background in health, fitness, and personal development, Kate works with a diverse group, from busy moms to top-tier athletes. She shares her unique approach of catering to those needing more personalized health and fitness solutions.

Kate's story of resilience, following a career-ending basketball injury, is truly inspiring. She opens up about her struggles and the self-discovery that followed. Learn how she challenges her clients to confront their limiting beliefs and develop effective stress management strategies.

Hear from Kate herself about her personal rituals for emotional processing and clarity,...

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