The Importance of Lower Body Training with David Grey

In today's brand new episode, David Grey joins us and shares his experience on how he was able to make a profitable program both online and in-person after dealing with his own pain and injuries. He went to seek relief for knee pain and ended up making his own program.

David believes that there are some basic principles to look up before beginning rehab or training that proper lower muscle coordination relieves and could make a client pain free with the right assessment.

You'll hear us talk all about:
- The bad advice that folks get.
- Muscle coordination and basic lower body training principles.
- How success does not come overnight.

About Today's Guest

David Grey is a Neuromuscular Physical Therapist specializing in Rehabilitation and Performance. He works with clients from all over the world, from office workers to Olympians and professional athletes competing at the highest level in sport. His research and training has brought him across the globe,...

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Your Role with Pain As A Personal Trainer

Today we got to talk to coach, educator, speaker, and blogger Lucy Hendricks who not only takes a holistic approach to personal training but is known for her ability to take complicated topics and making them digestible for fitness and rehab professionals. She helps coaches who have clients that have been hindered by movement limitations get back to what they love whether it’s a competitive sport, general strength training, or living a life without pain.

In this episode, you’ll learn about:

  • The power of letting clients who feel hopeless due to pain know they are being heard and their fitness goals addressed
  • What the de-conditioned population really is and the myths surrounding people who don’t work out
  • What the outdated theories are regarding pain in the fitness industry and how they are doing more harm than good to clients suffering from chronic pain

Lucy’s Website
Enhancing Life on Instagram

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If you enjoy this episode, I...

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How to Manage Training When Your Client Is In Pain

pain shaun astorga Aug 27, 2020


In today’s episode rehab specialist Shaun Astorga talks to us about a life-changing moment in his life that led to his career transforming people’s lives by employing different techniques than many traditional physical therapy models to train everyone who has suffered from injuries and pain, with a client list including professional Major League athletes. You can learn ideas to help your clients gain physical freedom and enjoy an active lifestyle regardless of their fitness level.


  • How to create client buy-in for training when they have fear regarding their injury
  • Ways to communicate with your client to learn what their special needs really are
  • How to analyze recovery and productive inflammation vs working beyond the threshold for your client 

Shaun on Instagram 

AMP Performance Rehab 

AMP Performance Website

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If you enjoy this episode, I would love to hear your favorite part or what inspired...

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