Transforming Fitness: Aram Grigorian's Journey from Finance to the Forefront of Coaching

Episode 306 features Aram Grigorian, a notable fitness coach who transitioned from finance to fitness. Grigorian, who organized the Real Coaches Summit 2024 in Las Vegas, emphasizes servitude in business, sharing his journey from personal training in Connecticut to remote coaching in California. His philosophy revolves around transforming clients' mindsets and identities for sustained change, rather than focusing solely on physical aesthetics. This approach is evident in his advocacy for understanding individual motivations and maintaining personal connections, even in scalable business models.

The Real Coaches Summit 2024, scheduled for March 11-12, 2024 at Virgin Hotels Las Vegas, is an event for both coaches and enthusiasts. It provides over 20 hours of masterclass level education, with topics covering various aspects of coaching. The summit aims to enhance participants' skill sets and includes macro-friendly meals, top-shelf happy hours for networking, and a focus on practical...

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