The Power Of Yes With Gavin McHale

Coaches, this episode will light you up! Are you someone who wants to deliver outcomes for your clients without taking time to develop yourself first? Give this a listen.

Are you scrambling to find more business without working on what you have to offer your clients? There’s a lot that will resonate when you tune in.

Gavin talks about his experiences as a coach and what he's learned through the years and through the guidance of his mentors and coaches he's hired and been mentored by.

If you're just getting started with your business, save this episode - you'll want to revisit it later. There are lots of takeaways that might just become relevant again in a few months.

In addition, if you are a fan of the NHL, Gavin had the once in a life time opportunity to dress as the backup goalie for the Washington Capitals. He tells us all about it and the story is truly amazing.

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About Today's Guest 

Gavin McHale is a Winnipeg-based personal development coach who helps people work on themselves so that they can pour value into their business and grow their career. He brings nearly a decade of experience as a trainer as well as his experiences within the hockey world. He works with coaches, trainers, and therapists to help them become confident business owners. He has personally written for and worked with many notable professionals in the greater industry and is always open to the possibility of developing himself as he develops others.

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