Unlocking Fitness Secrets for Moms Over 40: Transform Your Lifestyle with Bryan Fitzsimmons

In this episode we chatted with Coach Bryan Fitzsimmons, creator of Fit40, host of the Fit40 Podcast a fitness program designed for moms over 40. Bryan shares his journey from aspiring firefighter to fitness expert, explaining how he tailors workouts for the unique needs of older women. Expect practical tips on overcoming diet myths, building sustainable workouts, and staying motivated. Whether you’re looking to be stronger or do more in your day, Bryan’s insights will help you get there. Tune in for an inspiring conversation filled with actionable fitness advice!



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About the Guest 

Bryan Fitzsimmons is a fitness professional specializing in helping individuals over 40 achieve their health and fitness goals. He is known for his work with the Fit 40...

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