Why You May Not Be Where You Want To Be, Reason Number 5: Skill

In this episode, I discuss the importance of skill acquisition in overcoming the struggles coaches face. I emphasize that while I can provide strategies and directions, the real-time experience and challenges can only be truly understood once you begin implementing them. Skill acquisition is a continuous process requiring resourcefulness, acceptance of circumstances, and decision-making outside your comfort zone. I encourage listeners to identify necessary skills and seek mentor support for growth 

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Are you a new fitness entrepreneur looking to attract clients? Maybe you're looking to dial in your messaging? Or perhaps you're experienced and looking to scale...

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How to Upgrade Your Confidence as a Powerlifting Coach with Weston Hirschauer

Weston Hirschauer is a powerlifting coach based in Boulder, Colorado. He shares his journey from being overweight in his youth to losing 70 pounds and becoming passionate about fitness. Weston explains how he got into powerlifting and coaching, and how he built his business in a new state. He emphasizes the importance of serving the local community and building relationships with lifters. Weston also discusses the challenges he faces as a coach, such as managing warm-up rooms and making accurate attempt selections. He shares his coaching philosophy of building confidence in his athletes and teaching them how to fish rather than just giving them the answers. Weston also talks about the importance of communication and trust in the coach-athlete relationship. He shares his strategies for staying engaged and interested in the work, such as always looking for ways to improve and not getting complacent. Weston also discusses his own lifting journey and the challenges he has faced with the...

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