The Truth About Objections How to Overcome them without Pressure

In this episode, I discuss the importance of addressing objections and resistance in the sales process. It's important to note that objections are a natural part of the decision-making process and should be seen as an opportunity for us to help clients overcome their fears and doubts. I emphasize the need to listen to clients and understand their concerns, while also providing them with support and guidance. Additionally, I address common misconceptions about sales calls and offer strategies for effectively communicating through resistance. My overall goal in a sales call is to assist my clients in making an informed decision and saying yes to themselves. If you find this episode helpful, share it with a friend or send a message to @bsimpsonfitness on all platforms with your biggest takeaways!





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How to Make Your Enrolment Process More Effective

In this episode of the PT Profit Podcast, we break down how to make your enrolment process, also known as sales calls, more effective. We address common resistance to sales calls and explain why they are essential for building a profitable business. I share a six-step framework for creating an empowered enrolment process, emphasizing the importance of context, asking powerful questions, and providing clarity. We also discuss the misconceptions around sales calls and the value of deep connection and customization. If you're a coach or fitness business owner, this episode offers valuable insights for those looking to improve their enrolment process and generate more impact and revenue.



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Are you a new fitness...

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All About Bodybuilding with Alex Tilinca, a future Mr. Olympia

Coaches, today I am so pumped to be introducing you to the future Mr. Olympia, Alex Tilinca. In this episode, we talked all about the misconceptions about the sport of body building. Alex helps take a close look at regulations and lack thereof, why there might not be regulations in some areas, and how that doesn't necessarily affect the competition. Everyone is unique.

We also talked about nutrition specifics and how being in your off-season can affect you. (Spoiler: This is a topic I also dive into with Jonathan Munoz next Thursday!) Alex also talks to me about how we can use some of the practices from bodybuilding and translate them to our gen-pop clients.



You'll hear me talk to Alex about:
- How to manage recovery and how to avoid illness.
- Carbohydrates and how wrong some people get them.
- How to determine if your nutrition plan works.

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About Today's Guest

Alex Tilinca is a 20-year-old NPC bodybuilder from...

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