The Truth About Objections How to Overcome them without Pressure

In this episode, I discuss the importance of addressing objections and resistance in the sales process. It's important to note that objections are a natural part of the decision-making process and should be seen as an opportunity for us to help clients overcome their fears and doubts. I emphasize the need to listen to clients and understand their concerns, while also providing them with support and guidance. Additionally, I address common misconceptions about sales calls and offer strategies for effectively communicating through resistance. My overall goal in a sales call is to assist my clients in making an informed decision and saying yes to themselves. If you find this episode helpful, share it with a friend or send a message to @bsimpsonfitness on all platforms with your biggest takeaways!





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Continuing Education, Movement Variability, and Mental Health with Mike Woodby

In this episode Mike Woodby shares his unique approach to coaching, centered around trust and connection with athletes. With a focus on individualization and customization, Mike delves into the intricate details of biomechanics, movement patterns, and injury history to unlock an athlete's true potential. Drawing from a diverse range of viewpoints and groundbreaking training methods, he explores the significance of psychology and hormones in achieving optimal performance. In his 12-week internship program, Mike encourages creativity, teaching coaches to step outside strict systems and embrace continuous learning through practical application. Discover the transformative power of personalized training, communication, and understanding an athlete's goals, motivations, and limitations. If you enjoy this episode, be sure to tag us on social media!





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How to Price Your Products and Services

In this episode, I'll be sharing my top tips on how to determine the right cost for your offerings, taking into account factors such as market demand, value, and time. I'll also be discussing common pricing mistakes to avoid and why it's crucial to know your customer and their potential to pay. 



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The Human Component to Programming with Brandon Schultze

Brandon Schultze is an online coach and owner of Atomic Performance and Educator for Pre-Script® which is a principles-based education company dedicated to pushing the boundaries of human performance by forging better coaches and creating better athletes. During the interview he discusses the human component to coaching and programming, and how he got to where he is now. He started in the industry about seven years ago, initially as a personal hobby and love for working out and training. He has since developed a course around breathing and training. He shares his knowledge and skills to a younger training crowd as well as to people looking to improve their job. He talks about the importance of understanding the human component to training and programming.




What are some of the ways that you have continued to stay motivated and continued to educate yourself?


And that's kind of the fitness industry as a whole. It's...
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Building Rapport in Your Gym and Business Through Validation with Lucy Hendricks

If you're looking at building retention and creating an atmosphere that fosters a successful in-person training business that will survive any challenge, this is going to be an episode you'll want to listen to.

Lucy talks about the work she's put into herself as a coach to become a better communicator to her clients. In the show, she talks about some resources that have been really valuable to her including Love Skills by Linda Carroll and I Hear You by Micheal S. Sorensen



This is Lucy's return appearance to the show! If you want to go back and listen to her first appearance on the podcast, check it out here



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About Today's Guest


Lucy Hendricks is a gym owner from Lexington, Kentucky. Where all the people who once were terrified of walking into a gym, give it a try, and then never leave. It's a thriving business that has grown by word of mouth.

Over the years she's worked...

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Being a Critical Thinker in the Digital Age with Tyler Tanaka

A lot of Physical Therapists are going to resonate with the perspective that Tyler brings to this episode. Here's the thing though. Showing up on social media is hard. If you're a coach or trainer subscribed to this podcast, some of what Tyler shares in our conversation will be helpful for you too.

This episode has takeaways for any individual at any stage in their career.

Have you ever been misunderstood in your content, or had something taken out of context? Does it make showing up on social media more intimidating or challenging?

Is the idea of "what will other people say" the biggest thing that holds you back from showcasing your business on social media? Sometime it's best to remember who we are, and who we serve. The rest is just noise.

When you listen to this episode, you'll get a greater understanding for what to focus on when it comes to creating your content and what you don't need to be as concerned about.

If you professionally help people with their quality of life, uphold...

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How to Speak to Sell Using Conversion Stories with Colin Boyd

Smart coaches and professionals make an incredible impact on their clients and community through the work they do. There is no doubt. 

Have you ever wondered what it is that sets the most successful business owners apart from those that struggle?

It often happens at each point of contact. Presentations, speaking events, podcast appearances, discovery calls to name a few.

Instead of sharing the stories that resonate with a small group of people who know them personally, those business owners have learned to story tell their conversion story.

Are you intrigued? You're going to love this episode! We talk about speaking to an audience, showcasing how you got here and more.

Colin Boyd has worked with multiple highly successful businesses from multiple industries. As you listen to this conversation you'll get a first-hand look at why he's been so successful and worked with high performers across the world.

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