Being a Critical Thinker in the Digital Age with Tyler Tanaka

A lot of Physical Therapists are going to resonate with the perspective that Tyler brings to this episode. Here's the thing though. Showing up on social media is hard. If you're a coach or trainer subscribed to this podcast, some of what Tyler shares in our conversation will be helpful for you too.

This episode has takeaways for any individual at any stage in their career.

Have you ever been misunderstood in your content, or had something taken out of context? Does it make showing up on social media more intimidating or challenging?

Is the idea of "what will other people say" the biggest thing that holds you back from showcasing your business on social media? Sometime it's best to remember who we are, and who we serve. The rest is just noise.

When you listen to this episode, you'll get a greater understanding for what to focus on when it comes to creating your content and what you don't need to be as concerned about.

If you professionally help people with their quality of life, uphold a high standard of care, and you have a sustainable approach in your practice, it doesn't matter what the welder who power lifts says on your posts.

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About Today's Guest 

Tyler Tanaka is a Doctor of Physical Therapy and strength and conditioning coach who specializes in chronic pain, high-performance training, and system dysfunction. He is one of 215 clinicians around the world certified through the Postural Restoration Institute (PRI) which allows him to help those who have failed through traditional PT. He is also the only Postural Restoration Certified practitioner in Eugene.

Tyler is originally from Hawaii and was an ‘Iolani Raider. He then attended Springfield College in MA where he was a two-time NCAA Div III National Champion as a member of the men’s volleyball team. After PT school, he lived in the Boston area where he worked at a small private-practice orthopedic clinic that had an integrated model of rehab and training. He’s now a Eugene transplant and has fallen in love with the PNW.

Tyler has experience working with a variety of orthopedic conditions in people ranging from age 8-98. He uses an integrated approach with strength and conditioning to empower his patients to regain control of their lives after living with chronic pain. He also has experience working with athletes of all levels in both the rehabilitation and performance realms. When Tyler lived in Hawaii, he did an internship with Tactical Strength and Conditioning where he worked with athletes ranging from professional UFC fighters to middle school baseball players.

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